• I thought about cosmetic surgery for two years before I decided to take that step. I contacted Dr. Steele and decided to have liposuction, a tummy tuck and a breast lift. Dr. Steele was extremely informative from the start of this process.   His first recommendation was to lose some weight and to begin an exercise routine in order to have an optimal outcome from the surgery.   He walked me through each procedure during our preoperative appointments and was extremely caring before the operation, taking time to calm my nerves. During the post operative time, he made sure that I was healing well and made sure that I was happy with the results of the surgery. Before surgery I was a size 16 and heading very quickly into a size 18.   Now, I do a double take when I look in the mirror.  I am thrilled with the results of my surgery.  I am now a size 6 and I feel so much better about my self and am able to do more physically. I am very thankful and will be forever grateful to Dr. Steele for being such a kind, caring and compassionate surgeon.

    Mrs. C.R.
  • I want to express to you my deepest and heartfelt thanks for your kindness, expertise and support during my resent breast cancer journey. Being diagnosed with breast cancer was an emotional and uncertain time for me. You made a difficult situation easier to handle from the very first appointment to my last check-up.  Your expertise was clearly evident as well as your kindness and patience with me as I bombarded you with my many questions. You thoroughly explained all my options and helped me tremendously as I evaluated what was the best alternative for me. You were there with my breast surgeon when I had my mastectomy. Your concern and involvement gave me great comfort. Throughout my reconstructive process, there were many office appointments and two more surgeries. You were always so personable, professional and a constant support to my husband and me. My reconstruction and augmentation look fantastic. I am extremely pleased with my results. In fact, my family doctor and gynecologist have both commented that I received outstanding plastic surgical results. Thank you again for everything that you did for my family and me. I am truly appreciative of the quality outcome that I received.

    Mrs. D.G
  • Thank you for the outstanding job you did on my upper and lower eyelid surgery last May.  It has been the best thing I have ever done for myself.  The transformation has been amazing.  Due to family genetics, I had significant “bags” under my eyes.  No amount of make up or weight loss helped.  When I went for passport photos, I was told I needed to do something because it looked like my eyes were closed in the pictures. You did a wonderful job of eliminating those unsightly bags and lifting the upper lids.  I actually look like I am awake!  Immediately after surgery, even before all the swelling went away, I started receiving tons of compliments.  I was consistently told I looked at least 10 years younger.  Not only do I look younger, I feel younger. I included a photo with the Christmas cards and the response made me feel even better about my decision to have the surgery.  People were amazed at the transformation.  This change appreciably improved my self-esteem.  I am much more confident in dealing with people and enjoy feeling good about my appearance.  I am trying all kinds of new eye make-up. Thank you for making such a positive change in my appearance and in my life.  You are a very skilled surgeon with great patient interactions.  I strongly encourage anyone even thinking about cosmetic eye surgery to talk with you.  I will be very happy to talk with anyone hesitant about having the procedure.

    Ms. P.R.
  • After two pregnancies, I was left with excess abdominal skin that made me really unhappy & self conscious.  The skin was slack and crepey; it lopped over my c-section scar and was even visible under my clothes.  I'm a registered nurse in a city with a nationally recognized, major teaching hospital, so I am fortunate to have access to some of the best physicians and surgeons available.  Dr. Steele was my first choice, as I work at Shands at the University of Florida and I am familiar with his outstanding work in plastic and reconstructive surgery. When I researched tummy tucks online, I looked at all the before & after pictures I could find, and some were clearly better than others.  I'm so pleased to say that my results are as good or better than any I have ever seen, and I'm beyond thrilled with the final result.  My belly is super flat, and the way my midsection was contoured makes my waist look tiny.  I actually threw away all my Spanx & shapewear (something I NEVER thought would be possible!) and at age 42 I can wear absolutely anything I want and feel great about how I look.  Six months post-op, I'm still giddy every time I pull on a pair of low rise jeans!  I'm truly elated about my new appearance and feel lucky every day. From the initial consultation through follow-up care, Dr. Steele and his staff were wonderful, readily available and attentive to any recovery issue or concern.  It's really a pleasure to talk about my amazing results and to recommend such a highly qualified and talented doctor.  Long story short, I'm incredibly satisfied I feel that because of Dr. Steele I had the best possible experience and outcome.

    Ms. A.L.
  • I just wanted to express how much I appreciate the wonderful care and surgical expertise I received with the two surgeries you have performed on me. I am a nurse and I have worked with many surgeons-good and bad. Dr. Steele is one of the best surgeons I know personally and professionally. After having 3 children (especially having the last two only 13 months apart) it did not do my body good! I always had very large breasts and it was even worse after I had children. They were still large, but a lot of volume was lost resulting in sagging. I decided to have a breast reduction in the summer of 2007 and had excellent results. The recovery time was short and Dr. Steele checked on me after surgery a few times. I decided it was time to have an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and liposuction since I had lost about 20 pounds and had a lot of excess skin due to multiple pregnancies. Dr. Steele was the only plastic surgeon I would consider since I had such great results the first time. I had the surgery in the summer of 2010. The recovery time was about 2 weeks and again Dr. Steele checked on me many times. I called with a concern and he saw me right away in the clinic. I still can’t believe how awesome I look! I am able to wear two piece bathing suits (actually I can wear just about anything) and not feel self conscious. I am currently in a size 2 or 4. Words cannot express how much I appreciate all that Dr. Steele has done for me. He is very compassionate, has a great bedside manner, and really listens to any questions or concerns you have. Above all his surgical skills surpassed anything I could have ever imagined. Thank you again for giving me my self confidence back!

    Ms K.S.
  • I am a mother of two children who is petite in size and have a very active lifestyle.  I have always been a A and got deflated and smaller after children. After a couple of decades of insecurity and difficulty finding clothes I finally decided to embark into getting cosmetic breast implants at the age of 35.  Finding Dr.Steele was not only easy but I had heard through the community of his excellent outcomes.  Once I meet him I knew right away he was going to do my surgery.  He spent time counseling me about implants but also educated me about where to place the implants and the size that would work best for me.  Postop Dr.Steele personally called me to see how I was doing and feeling.  His staff was accommodating, personal and made he made me feel very comfortable about me decision.  I personally felt I had a spectacular outcome and would not hesitate one second to recommend him.

    Mrs. MH

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