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“I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Steele at Shands Hospital in Gainesville Florida, changing my life; the way I look and view my body.  There are many shapes and sizes but I can say …I am perfect. …“Thank  you  Dr  Steele!”

Upon meeting Dr Steele my body was a mess. There was no plastic surgeon wanting to take me as a patient.  My 38 D breast waged south most definitely needing a Lift.

There was a major problem to solve I had Liposuction with a plastic surgeon that left large dimples across my stomach; sad and depressed to see. The problem never was going away. Not saying letting my husband look at me.

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2004 – My surgery journey began in with a breast lift; implants and correction of my areolas. And a major tummy tuck. My surgery and healing went well. Leaving me with beautiful breasts; a flat tummy and curves…it’s amazing.

2007 – Turning 50 and feeling 40… It was face lift time. Dr Steele and his perfection master touch to create my face lift with natural results. Beautiful Face; Eyes and Smile that was mine.  Dr Steele gave me the perfect face lift with younger results; no wrinkles; and no noticeable scaring.  People look at me and say…you have no wrinkles.

2012 – Liposuction on my legs; hips and lower back.  The funniest comment was; my 7 year old granddaughter said “you have lost fat in your legs”… My 8year old grandson said” your legs look little what did you do?”

Dr Steele has given skilled touches to my lips that are natural; eliminating the fine lines; and creases around the nose. My lips are full; lushes’…It’s wonderful to have my lipstick not run into wrinkles… with his simple procedure.

I am on schedule to have Liposuction and tuck under my arms to get rid of the bingo wings as my husband says.

Dr Steele possesses a very special personality and surgical qualities that makes me feel very comfortable; secure; and trusting him with my health and body.  Dr Steele’s talent is only exceeded by his genuine interest and kindness. He truly cares about his patients!  And he has great follow up care.   He is always there for me. 

You couldn’t ask for a more professional and precise plastic surgeon… I recommend Dr Steele to everyone!

I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am with all of my surgeries.  I will be grateful to Dr Steele forever! Just think he has made a new woman out of me.  My husband loves it.  The lights used to have to be off and now it is fun being nude all the time.  And Lights are not off.

I was born in 1956…people think I am 38… I get looks; comments and compliments every day.  It is good that my husband gives me the same and much more.  I just say thank you.  I feel great; look much better; hot and sexy as my kids and others say. Folks can’t believe I am the mom. I see bodies and think…they need to call and see Dr Steele.

Dr Steele I want you and your patients to know how much I appreciate you.  During a time in history when the personal touches is so often lacking, it is hearting to find someone who cares about people taking their time… making me feel like I am the only patient you have at the time.  You are a true professional; kind and compassionate in what you do; and never rushing.  I could not ask for any more.  You’ve given the Best of the Best!

I’ve have outstanding results in my preoperative and postoperative with all of my procedures. The incisions’’ are minimum and the scares so fine their hard to see.

I fly form South Florida to see Dr Steele and will continue services to maintain my appearance to age gracefully.

I say; “I am 40.  Two 20/20’s …Just Perfect!”   Thank you, again and again, Thank you Dr Steele!

— Anonymous Patient