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Dear Dr. Steele,

Beauty is in the mind of the beholder.

I writing this letter to thank you, for the gift of beauty you have bestowed upon my wife Sharon.

She beholds a quality of beauty that is eternal. Her beauty both in her spirit and soul… and with her tiny body… It is fine to the touch, her curves, firmness; silhouette in the dim lit shadows in the night is amazing are my thoughts from a grateful husband.

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More than all of this is what happens each time she is under your medical talents & skills.  She is more confident as a women growing older yet internally feeling younger. She sees herself for her age in a class all her own. We live on the beach in South Florida and most women are beautiful in their own way… however they lack the firm foundation that only can result through your plastic surgery profession. Dr Steele, then there is your talents that makes you the dream plastic surgeon specialist that someone like my wife would fly across the country because you’re the only one she believes can satisfy her desires and personal goals. You are one of a kind plastic surgeon, skilled, caring doctor that ladies and men should come for your consultation.

Your work has changed my wife’s outlook on her body and she loves to wear that binki now where before she in no way would.  With her flat tummy, and legs so youthful.  Her face glows with no wrinkles, her lips are just perfect and her breast  are the way I remember them when we first were married in 1974…Sharon is so beautiful thanks to your help and personal care for her.

As Sharon’s husband I have a love for her and have invested into my wife’s desires along with many sacrifices along the way. After many years and having several surgeries, as long as my wife has you, we will keep people guessing. Every day someone is completing her and the way she looks.  They think she is 39 if only they knew she was born in 1956.

I admire my wife for wanting to keep her appearance looking wonderful.  If you were to ask her she would say she is perfect two 20 20′. Thanks to Dr. Steele!

It is so rare these days to see beauty and virtue walking together side by side as I do in my beloved wife.  I adore her.

Thank you from a grateful husband,

— RS