August 12, 2021

Choosing a Breast Implant Size

Deciding to pursue implants and finding the ideal plastic surgeon are crucial first steps in the breast augmentation process. Afterwards, choosing a breast implant size is the next big decision that people considering an augmentation must make.

If you are navigating this process, an experienced and trusted staff member can help you choose the breast implant size that is best for you. Dr. Matthew H Steele will provide crucial guidance and address your questions related to implant size.

Implant Size and Shape Options

Before selecting an implant dimension, a prospective patient should understand the way that implants are measured. Both silicone and saline breast implant sizes are quantified in cubic centimeters (cc). The most commonly used implants are between 300 to 400 cc, but available sizes range from 135 to 800 cc. It is difficult to quantitate, but 200-300cc of volume will generally increase your breast size by at least one cup size. However, bra sizes are not a reliable way to measure breast volume because sizing can differ between brands, and most women wear the incorrect bra for their bodies.

How to Choose the Right Implant Size

The same sized and shaped breast implant will look dramatically different depending on the height, weight, and frame of a person. For this reason, patients should have a serious conversation with a surgeon to make sure both parties agree on the goal of the operation.

Bringing photographs of other people’s breasts that display the desired aesthetic can help make sure a patient and physician are on the same page. Dr. Steele utilizes Crisalix three-dimensional imaging software so the patients can see what different implant options will look like on their body.

Other Factors to Consider when Choosing a Implant Size for Breast Surgery

Elements besides the size of a breast implant can also determine how a patient’s breasts look after surgery. Implants come in different widths and volumes, and the width of an implant will change how big or small someone’s breasts appear.

Meanwhile, the profile of an implant refers to how far it projects outward from the chest. Breast implants that are lower-profile stick out less and tend to be more natural-looking, but higher profiles can make chest appear fuller, regardless of the volume.

Finally, it is worth noting that surgeons frequently perform a second breast implant revision, because a person wants to further increase their size. For this reason, many surgeons recommend sizing up if someone is unsure about which insert size is right for them.

An Accomplished Practitioner Could Help Choose the Right-Sized Implant

You can never be too diligent when choosing a breast implant size. Discussing your options with Dr. Steele early in the process will save a lot of time and energy. Dr. Steele will help you determine the best possible combination of implant shape, size, and profile for your body. Call our office today to learn more.