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Breast Lift 1
Breast Lift 1
Breast Lift 1
Breast Lift 1
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Patient Info

Patient Field NamePatient Field Value
Patient Age20
Weight120 lbs
Number Of ChildrenN/A

Procedure Info

Patient Field Name 2Patient Field Value 2
Breast Lift TypeVertical
Breast Lift IncisionLolipop
Preoperative Bra Size32DDD
Postoperative Bra Size34C
Postoperative Time Since Surgery3 months
Patient DescriptionThis 20-year-old female did not like the size and shape of her breasts. She also wanted them to be perkier with a decrease in size due to neck pain. After a lengthy consultation with Dr. Steele, they decided that a breast lift combined with a small reduction would give her the results she was seeking. She underwent a vertical mastopexy (breast lift) with an incision around the nipple/areola and along the lower breast skin. Her recovery was brief, and she returned to work within 4 days. Her 3-month postoperative photographs show excellent shape and symmetry. If you are interested in learning more about a breast lift, please call our office at 817-731-5330.

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