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Breast Reduction 1
Breast Reduction 1
Breast Reduction 1
Breast Reduction 1
Breast Reduction 1

Patient Info

Patient Field NamePatient Field Value
Patient Age31
Weight177 lbs
Number of ChildrenN/A

Procedure Info

Patient Field Name 2Patient Field Value 2
Breast Reduction TypeVertical/Medial Pedicle
Breast Incision TypeInverted "T"
Tissue Removed Left480 grams
Tissue Removed Right440 grams
Preoperative Bra Size34I
Postoperative Bra Size34D
Postoperative Time Since Surgery3 months
Patient Description This 31-year-old female complained of typical symptoms attributed to large breasts: neck pain, back pain, shoulder grooving, and difficulty finding appropriate clothing. She sought out Dr. Steele for his expertise in breast surgery. After confirming candidacy for a breast reduction, she underwent a superior-medial pedicle vertical reduction removing nearly one pound of from each side. Dr. Steele takes care to rearrange the remaining tissue into an aesthetically pleasing breast that is proportional to the patient’s body. Her 3-month photographs show smaller, very symmetric breasts with an excellent shape.

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