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Male Contouring 2
Male Contouring 2
Male Contouring 2
Male Contouring 2
Male Contouring 2
Male Contouring 2

Patient Info

Patient Field NamePatient Field Value
Patient Age40
Weight173 lbs

Procedure Info

Patient Field Name 2Patient Field Value 2
Procedure PerformedCircumferential Trunk Liposuction
Total Skin/Fat Removed6.5 pounds
Postoperative Time Since Surgery3 months
Patient Description This 40-year-old male desired contouring of his abdomen and love handle areas. Despite diet and exercise, he was frustrated with his inability to lose fat in these stubborn areas. He underwent circumferential trunk liposuction removing approximately 2.5 pounds of fat from his abdomen and about 2 pounds of fat from each waist/flank. His 3-month postoperative photographs show a significant reduction in the fatty deposits and a much improved contour. If you are interested in learning more about male body contouring, please contact our office at 817-731-5330.

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