Male Eyelid Surgery in Fort Worth

A normal and natural physical change that comes with aging is sagging skin around your eyes and eyelids. This condition could unfortunately result in vision impairments and an aging or tired facial appearance, which could negatively impact your self-confidence.

Fortunately, you have options if you are looking to reverse the effects of this development. Male eyelid surgery in Fort Worth is a personalized procedure that could eliminate visual concerns and maintain your masculine facial features. Like with female patients, male eyelid surgery aims to rejuvenate your appearance by removing excess skin and fat around the eyes and eyebrows. A knowledgeable practitioner like Dr. Steele can further explain this kind of male plastic surgery to help a prospective patient determine whether it is right for them.

How Does Eyelid Surgery for Men Differ from the Standard Procedure?

Since male patients typically want more subtle changes than female patients, the surgical approach differs. A plastic surgeon might implement different techniques and methods, depending on the male patient’s circumstances and desires.

Another unique alteration done during surgery on a male is to modify their naturally heavy brows to help open the eyelid region and improve their vision.  Unlike in a female patient, many men can have their brow lifted by placing an incision in a natural forehead crease as opposed to placing a scar in the hairline where many men have a naturally receding hairline.

The biggest similarity between the two procedures is that many male patients still need excess fat and sagging skin removed from the lower eyelids as well.

Dr. Steele can help a male patient in Fort Worth understand their options by explaining all the remaining differences between masculine and feminine eyelid surgery.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Male Eyelid Surgery?

Ideal patients for male eyelid surgery include any man struggling with excess, sagging skin or excess fat within their upper or lower eyelids. Additionally, anyone noticing heavy, saggy eyebrows could benefit from these procedures.

An eyelid operation could also be impactful for someone who has notice impaired vision due to their sagging or eyelids or brow. In fact, surgical correction is typically necessary for addressing these concerns.

Ultimately, most males in Fort Worth who struggle with aging signs around the eyes and eyebrows qualify for eyelid surgery. Dr. Steele can assess a man’s health and circumstances to conclude whether the operation is a good fit for them.  In many cases, Dr. Steele can perform an upper blepharoplasty or direct male brow lift in the office under local anesthesia, thereby avoiding the side effects and downtime associated with general anesthesia.

Speak with Dr. Steele about Male Eyelid Surgery in Fort Worth

Tired looking eyes or loose skin around the eyelids can be a frustrating condition, but you can act to change your appearance if you are unsatisfied with your facial appearance. Similar to how it works for female patients, male eyelid or brow surgery in Fort Worth eliminates excess skin and fat around your eyes and repositions the eyebrows to provide a more refreshed and less tired look.

If you have any more questions about this versatile operation, Dr. Steele can help. Reach out to the office today to schedule a consultation and learn more about your options.