3D Consultation

Get Scanned by the Doctor or Start from Home
To generate your 3D scan, you can either wait until your consultation where you will be scanned by Dr. Steele or Erica, or you can get a jump start at home by uploading 3 photos of yourself to crisalix.com.
Preview Your New Look in 3D
In a matter of seconds, your 3D image will be generated. Dr. Steele will make various adjustments based on your stated goals and desired size in order to simulate your postoperative result. You can visualize this using the virtual reality goggles to get a realistic 3D view of your new breasts.
Try on Your New Look
Using the augmented reality tool, you will also be able to try on your new look and make adjustments to your own virtual body and see this displayed real-time on a monitor, for a true 4D experience during your appointment.
Access Your 3D Remotely
At the end of the consultation, Dr. Steele will give you an access code so that you can view your 3D simulation from home on your own devices. You can even share them with friends and family to gauge their reaction and gain advice/opinions.

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