Mohs Reconstruction in Fort Worth

Mohs micrographic surgery is an advanced surgical removal of skin cancers that minimizes the size of the resultant defect while maximizing the cure rate. Even with smaller excisions, however, the procedure can result in a significant loss of tissue that substantially alters your appearance and impairs function. Dr. Matthew H. Steele can perform Mohs reconstruction surgery at our Fort Worth office to restore the normal form and function of tissues damaged from skin cancer surgery. He is experienced in operating on the face and extremities to help cancer patients and survivors regain their confidence with a natural appearance.

Various methods of reconstruction involving tissue, skin, and bone are available at our office for Mohs facial reconstruction. The best method for your reconstruction depends on your individual cosmetic goals and prior skin cancer treatments.

Mohs Reconstruction for Facial Restoration

Mohs reconstruction surgery aims to improve the skin’s appearance, tissue function, and bone structure after surgical removal of skin-cancer lesions on the face or extremities. The main objective is to restore lost function, symmetry, and fullness.

Areas with previously removed cancerous tissue that can benefit from Mohs reconstruction surgery at our Fort Worth office includes the:

Each Mohs reconstruction surgery is a highly individualized process to successfully address the patient’s unique needs in an effort to restore normal form and function. Dr. Steele can provide specialized care and individualized cosmetic and functional results to areas that were treated for skin cancer.

Who is a Good Candidate for Mohs Reconstruction?

Individuals who have had skin cancer lesions removed from cosmetically and functionally sensitive areas make good candidates for Mohs reconstruction surgery. Those with larger cancer lesions removed or recurrent skin cancer can also undergo Mohs reconstruction but may require more extensive care.

Types of Mohs Reconstruction Surgeries Available in Fort Worth

Dr. Steele can perform various forms of Mohs reconstruction surgery involving skin, tissue, and bone. The best approach depends on the size, shape, and location of the affected area.

Bone Grafting

Dr. Steele can remove bone from the skull and shape it according to the facial area in need of reconstruction. Insertion of the bone into surgically treated skin cancer areas restores previously lost facial bones.

Flap Techniques

Mohs reconstruction surgery can also involve moving healthy tissue from one body area to the surgical site for restoration. This is the most common method for skin cancer facial reconstruction.

Cartilage Grafting

Cartilage taken from the ears or ribs can be used to restore cartilage removed to treat skin cancer in areas such as the ears or nose. This method could improve facial balance and symmetry for a natural look.

Tissue Expansion

To perform tissue expansion, Dr. Steele will place a tissue expander under the skin to expand and stimulate tissue growth and replace previously lost tissue. Once the tissue is stretched to the optimal size, the tissue expander is removed, and the tissue is used to fill cancer defect. This technique is not typical for Mohs reconstruction surgery, but certain patients may benefit from this method.

Skin Grafts

Skin can be removed from the face, neck, arms, or thighs can be utilized for skin grafting. Depending on the amount of tissue needed for optimal reconstruction, Dr. Steele may recommend a split-thickness graft for large defects or a full thickness graft for cosmetically sensitive areas like the nose or eyelid, or areas such as the fingers that require optimal function.

Schedule Your Mohs Reconstruction Surgery in Fort Worth

Losing skin and tissue as a result of skin cancer treatments can change your appearance and function, negatively impacting your confidence and quality of life. Mohs reconstruction available at our Fort Worth office aims to restore your skin and tissue for the best possible facial function and appearance.

Dr. Steele uses various methods, but the best option will depend on your health and cosmetic goals. If you have undergone skin cancer removal, let Dr. Steele perform Mohs reconstruction surgery to restore your appearance, function, and confidence.