July 31, 2022

Breast Lift vs. Augmentation: Which One is Right for Me?

Breast surgery is a common cosmetic option and includes a variety of procedures for altering and enhancing the chest, such as augmentation and lift surgery. As a result, one recurring question during breast surgery consultations from numerous patients is, “Breast lift vs. augmentation: Which one is right for me?” Though the surgeries offer distinct cosmetic improvements, Dr. Steele will often suggest combining both procedures for the optimal result.

The additional cosmetic changes from an augmentation with lift approach will further enhance your chest, resulting in more attractive and ideal results compared to either procedure alone.   Contact our office today to speak with our knowledgeable staff to decide which procedure is right for you.

How Are Breast Lift and Augmentation Procedures Different?

The primary objective of each operation is different; an augmentation aiming to increase breast size and upper pole fullness, while a breast lift aims to reshape and elevate the breast and nipple higher on the chest wall to correct breast sagging.   Though both surgeries can rejuvenate and enhance your chest’s appearance, the results vary. When deciding between breast augmentation vs. lift and what is right for you, it is best to consider the different surgical techniques.

Breast augmentation uses silicone implants to enhance breast size, shape, and projection for the long term. The operation increases breast size and projection while changing breast shape but does not address ptosis, or sagging. Instead, the additional weight of the breast implants from augmentation surgery could exacerbate breast sagging due to excess strain on the skin.

On the other hand, breast lift surgery corrects breast sagging by removing stretched, excess skin while reshaping and tightening breast tissue to lift the breast mound. However, a breast lift does slightly reduce the size of the breast, sometimes as much as one cup size.  This could result in a final breast size that is smaller than desired.

Cosmetic Benefits of Combining Breast Lift and Augmentation Surgery

Combining a breast lift and augmentation is the right approach for many patients because many women wish to be larger and fuller but are also unhappy with their breast ptosis.  Adding a breast lift technique to an augmentation procedure reduces the likelihood of increasing breast sagging while reducing any existing drooping.

In many cases, significant breast sagging is also associated with a loss of breast volume, which often occurs with pregnancy, age, and weight fluctuations. Therefore, an augmentation surgery can restore breast volume and shape with implants while a lift repositions the breasts higher. Patients who combine techniques have more noticeable yet natural-looking enhancements that restore their breasts’ overall appearance.

For some patients, adding a breast lift to augmentation allows for smaller implants to be used, as a lift tightens natural breast tissue. Since a breast lift may reduce a patient’s breast size,, many individuals include augmentation to counteract this effect. Thus, a combined surgery may be preferable for any patients debating whether the right procedure is breast lift vs. augmentation surgery.

Ask Our Team About Whether a Breast Lift or Augmentation is Right for You

Among the options for breast surgery, two of the most frequent are breast augmentation and breast lift surgery to rejuvenate and enhance the chest.

If you are wondering, “A breast lift vs. augmentation: Which one is right for me?” reach out to our dedicated staff to schedule a consultation to discuss the benefits of each procedure and the possibility of a combined approach.