Our face is the first thing people see and it generates long lasting impressions with those with whom we interact. Even with a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen, the effects of aging, genetics, smoking, and sun damage can cause unwanted creases, wrinkles and sagging skin which can give the illusion of an older appearance and fatigue. While skin care and minimally invasive procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers can provide some localized, temporary improvement, patients with more advanced aging often seek out a face/neck lift. Many patients are not ready to commit to such an invasive procedure, and before now had limited options. And now with FaceTite, not everyone needs a facelift to obtain surgical-like results. FaceTite is a groundbreaking new technology that allows for near surgical results, using very small incisions and with minimal downtime.

Benefits of FaceTite

FaceTite uses innovative technology to apply radiofrequency energy waves internally and externally. The external tissue heating causes dermal tightening and contraction, resulting in improved skin contour and tightness. The internal tissue heating results in lipolysis (busting of fat cells) and tightening of the underlying collagen network. The ruptured fat is then removed with liposuction. As a result of this combination, you are left with contour of the neck and jowl region with very small scars. FaceTite provides effective treatment of the following areas:

– Jowls
– Jawline
– Submental fat (double chin)
– Inner/Outer thighs and knees
– Loose/crepey Neck Skin

FaceTite Technique

The FaceTite procedure is performed in the office using local anesthesia with mild sedation (Valium and Nitrous Oxide, laughing gas). Through small incisions, Dr. Steele will place tumescent solution containing salt water and lidocaine/epinephrine into the areas to be treated. The tumescent solution provides turgor (firmness) to the tissues, lidocaine provides pain relief, and the epinephrine (adrenaline) shrinks the blood vessels to minimize bleeding. Once the tissues are numb, Dr. Steele uses the FaceTite handpiece to heat the tissues to a predetermined temperature that is optimal for melting fat and tightening the tissues, while minimizing risk of skin burns. After all of the areas have been treated with the radiofrequency energy, Dr. Steele will remove any excess fat with small liposuction cannulas. The FaceTite procedure is typically combined with radiofrequency skin needling using the Morpheus 8 handpiece. This combination is known as the EmbraceRF protocol and provides powerful rejuvenation of the neck and face.

During/After Surgery

The EmbraceRF procedure takes approximately 45-60 minutes. You will have some redness and may notice some pinpoint bleeding and crusting. Although you will notice some swelling and possibly some bruising, you will notice an improvement in your contour right away due to the fat reduction. A topical ointment is applied for 2-3 days until while there is any crusting along the treated areas. You should avoid direct sun exposure while healing and wear sunscreen during the recovery process. It is very important to wear the neck compression 24/7 for the first 3-4 days, and then at night for the next 2-3 weeks to help encourage resolution of the swelling. Normal activity and sedentary work can be resumed within a few days. Cardio activity and heavy lifting should be limited for 3 weeks. Most people can return to work within 3-5 days. You will have some degree of swelling that may take up to 3 months to resolve. Additionally, with FaceTite and Morpheus, you will notice continued improvement and skin contraction for 6-12 months after the procedure. To extend the benefits of FaceTite, maintenance Morpheus 8/Fractora treatments may be recommended as well as a physician-quality skin care routine.

If you are ready to learn more about how FaceTite can improve your look, request a consultation online with Dr. Steele, or call our office at 817-731-5330. We serve patients in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding communities and we welcome patients who wish to travel from outside the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.