October 7, 2022

What Should I Bring to My First-Time Surgery Consultation?

Cosmetic surgery offers considerable physical and emotional benefits for individuals unhappy with their appearance who seek a long-term solution. However, if it is your first time undergoing cosmetic surgery—or surgery in general—the process may seem confusing and overwhelming. Before their appointments, many individuals tend to wonder, “What should I bring to my first-time surgery consultation?”

The first appointment for discussing your procedure includes several components, including your entire medical history and current health conditions, so most patients typically bring along certain information. You may also choose to take certain additional steps before your consultation to ensure the best treatment and results possible. Call today to talk with our staff and learn more about the necessary items to bring to a first-time surgery consultation.

Steps to Take Before Your First Surgery Consultation

Before meeting with a cosmetic plastic surgeon, it is vital to research the qualifications, accreditations, and licenses of both the surgeon and the medical facility where you will have surgery. A valuable part of researching your plastic surgeon is finding reference photos of their work and testimonies from previous patients for more realistic expectations. Once deciding on a plastic surgeon and facility for your cosmetic procedure, you should reach out to their office to find out what you should bring to your consultation.

In addition to researching the facility and surgeon, it is beneficial to review the basics of your chosen procedure to help set expectations for your recovery and results. Further, a better understanding of your chosen surgery will help prevent miscommunication between you and your surgeon, such as when discussing your ideal surgical changes or enhancements.

Finally, though most cosmetic operations are not covered by health insurance, some procedures may be eligible for partial coverage if medical corrections are included. If your surgery is for cosmetic and medical purposes, it is worth researching your health care coverage and the accepted insurances at your surgeon’s medical facility.

Essential Items to Bring to a First-Time Surgery Consultation

One of the vital items you should bring to a first-time surgery consultation are your medical records, as your eligibility for surgery depends on your current overall health. For instance, prior operations can result in scar formation that may affect the success of an additional procedure. Your medical records should include:

  • A list of your current medications
  • Allergies
  • Experience with anesthesia
  • Recreational drug use
  • Alcohol use

Another item most patients bring to their first surgery consultation is a list of questions about the operation, recovery, side effects, and more. Being informed about the entire process helps with realistic expectations and allows you to be better prepared.

In most instances, a cosmetic surgery consultation includes a general physical exam and an assessment of the particular treatment area, so patients should wear comfortable clothing that is easy to remove. Finally, ask your surgeon or their staff about the expected costs for your procedure to avoid extra charges or unexpectedly large bills.

Ask Our Staff More About What to Bring to a First-Time Surgery Consultation

Coming prepared to a meeting with your plastic surgeon is the best way to ensure good communication, an easy process, and final results to your liking. However, if you have not undergone surgery before, you may be left wondering, “What should I bring to my first-time surgery consultation?”

Generally, patients should bring in their medical records, a list of allergies and current medications, a list of questions they may have, and references to their ideal results if possible. Reach out today to ask our staff more about what to bring to your first surgery consultation if you are still unsure what essential records and information to include.