Microneedling in Fort Worth

Over time, our skin usually undergoes significant changes due to environmental factors, diet, aging, smoking, and medical conditions. For example, acne scarring, loose skin, wrinkles, and age spots are noticeable developments that non-invasive treatments may improve. One powerful non-surgical option, microneedling in Fort Worth, goes beyond superficial improvements to enhance the skin’s support, structure, and health.

By increasing skin thickness and collagen production, microneedling will help your skin look younger, firmer, and smoother. The treatment is relatively straightforward, and Dr. Steele and licensed aesthetician Jennifer Geyer will be happy to discuss the benefits of microneedling and answer any questions you may have.

The Microneedling Treatment and Recovery Process

Microneedling sessions are relatively quick and painless, allowing patients to return to their daily routine immediately. First, Jennifer will apply a topical anesthetic to the skin, to help decrease discomfort. Afterward, Jennifer uses a small hand-held device that contains multiple tiny needles to create micro-injuries across the skin which stimulate collagen production.

After treatment, most patients experience minor irritation and redness for a few days. You will be given skin care instructions specific to the type of microneedling performed, and you should generously apply sunscreen during the post-treatment period. In rare cases, a patient might notice peeling, infections, bleeding, or bruising. If this happens, they should contact the office for specific instructions.

How Does Microneedling Improve Skin Appearance?

The micro-injuries experienced during the treatment process kickstart the body’s natural healing process, resulting in the generation of new, healthy skin cells and increased collagen production to improve skin structure and support. As a result, the body’s underlying tissue strengthens while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, scars, and pores.

Microneedling sessions can treat many different skin conditions. For example, the procedure benefits people with rosacea or alopecia, which are genetic developments that result in hair loss and skin redness. Additionally, microneedling treatments can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, skin hyperpigmentation, and acne scarring on the face and body.

Generally speaking, microneedling is a versatile and impactful option that can help anyone feel at ease with their appearance. Jennifer will further outline the benefits of microneedling, to help a prospective patient in Fort Worth make an informed decision.

Ideal Patients for Microneedling

Unlike other skin resurfacing treatments that pose higher risks of hyperpigmentation for darker skin tones, microneedling is safe for all types and tones of skin. Generally speaking, the ideal candidate for microneedling is a healthy individual with moderate aging signs, noticeable skin laxity, and noticeable skin imperfections.

However, the procedure could be problematic for certain individuals. For instance, people with active skin infections should not pursue this operation, since the needles could spread bacteria across the skin. Additionally, patients with a persistent history of keloid scarring are not ideal candidates for microneedling as the treatment could result in substantial keloid redevelopment.

If a Fort Worth patient is considering microneedling, Dr. Steele and Jennifer can assess their health and skin type to determine whether they are an ideal candidate.

Schedule a Microneedling Consultation in Fort Worth

Traditional skin treatments are an excellent way to rejuvenate your appearance, reduce blemishes, and fight signs of aging. However, if you want additional, substantial results, microneedling in Fort Worth can stimulate your skin’s collagen and enhance its structure. The procedure is safe for most individuals and only requires minimal downtime. Dr. Steele’s team will treat you with care and work to achieve noticeable, personalized results. Call the office today to get started on refreshing your appearance.