Liposuction in Parker County

Liposuction in Parker County is a transformative opportunity to enjoy your true aesthetic potential. Many people have small areas of their body which retain more fat tissue than desired. Liposuction offers the opportunity to sculpt these into a more pleasing shape by eliminating localized fat deposits.

This body contouring procedure is also called lipoplasty and is one of the most popular options we provide. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Matthew Steele, uses skill and care to unlock a newfound level of comfort and satisfaction in your appearance.

How Can Liposuction Address My Cosmetic Concerns?

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that selectively removes pockets of fat resistant to exercise and diet. This minimally invasive process is commonly used on the hips, upper arms, buttocks, hips, abdomen, and chin to help achieve the desired body shape and boost your self-confidence.

Dr. Steele will insert a small hollow tube, called a cannula, into your skin to suction out the excess fat cells. The tissue that remains should be more defined and leave you with a more pleasing contour. Liposuction in Parker County can refresh and refine areas of your body that you previously wanted to cover up: it is essentially the merger of art and science to unveil the real you. During your first consultation, Dr. Steele determines how your medical history might affect the liposuction process and recovery.

An ideal candidate for liposuction should understand what the procedure can and cannot do for you. For example, liposuction does not remove cellulite, and it is not a weight loss method. A good candidate must also be in good health, a non-smoker, and close to their goal body weight.

How Does Aging Affect Liposuction?

Liposuction cannot return your body to the same one you had in your 20s. Although some people may question if liposuction makes your skin age more quickly, this is not true.

The procedure does not affect the inherent qualities of the skin, and so does not make it age more quickly. However, it can make less elastic, saggy skin more obvious when there is less fat underneath it. Liposuction removes underlying fat deposits, so people who have skin with good elastic recoil will have better outcomes. You can also pair liposuction with a BodyTite treatment or a tummy tuck for optimal skin contraction or skin removal.

Furthermore, aging does not damage the results of liposuction. But gaining a significant amount of weight can produce more fat deposits in the areas where they were removed. While there is no upper age limit, age-related skin laxity could disqualify someone from receiving liposuction unless additional skin tightening procedures are included.

The Recovery Process

Recovery time depends on the number of treated areas and the amount of fat removed. For example, discomfort and recovery will differ for liposuction on the waist and abdomen versus under the chin. Generally, in the two to three days after surgery, people experience some discomfort and pain, which is usually managed with pain medication. Compression garments help with swelling, and you may have some limited mobility for the first few weeks.

Within a few weeks, your incisions will be healed, and any bruising should be resolved.  It will take up to 3 months for all of the swelling to resolve, but you will notice an improved contour almost immediately after surgery.  It is important for patients to closely follow all post-operative instructions to maximize results and lower the risk of infection.

Anyone who undergoes liposuction must rest after surgery to help their body heal. Staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet is also one of the keys to success.

Directly after liposuction, you should avoid tight-fitting clothing, which is not a replacement for compression garments. You should avoid smoking and alcohol since these substances increase the risk of complications and speed up the visible signs of aging.

Learn More About Liposuction in Parker County

It is a highly personal decision to get cosmetic surgery. At the end of the day, you know your body and your concerns better than anyone. Dr. Steele will evaluate your cosmetic concerns during the initial consult and recommend a pathway to the results you desire.

For many people, liposuction in Parker County can be life-changing and a major confidence boost. Our goal is to help you achieve success. Call our office today to schedule a consultation where we can answer all your questions about this procedure.