Breast Revision Surgery in Parker County

Breast augmentation is a popular procedure that can produce dramatic, potentially life-transforming results. Over time, however, your breast implants may change shape, and the surrounding breast tissue can adapt, creating an appearance or feel that is less desirable than intended. Because of this, many women choose to replace or update their implants through breast surgery around the 10-20 year mark.

Breast revision surgery removes or replaces breast implants to alter their shape or size, or to correct complications following the initial breast augmentation. If you are considering breast revision surgery in Parker County, our office can provide a personalized and comprehensive evaluation, allowing you to understand and choose from your options.

Why Get Breast Revision Surgery in Parker County?

You may want to get breast revision surgery if your saline implants have deflated, or a mammogram or MRI suggests your silicone implants have a rupture. You may also choose to get breast revision surgery if you change your mind about your breast implant size, want to remove your breast implants altogether or have issues with your breast tissue sagging below your implants causing a significant change in your breast appearance.

A surgical revision can also improve your breast symmetry, adjust implants that have shifted over time, or provide relief if you develop scar tissue that tightens around the implant (known as capsular contracture).

Fluctuations in weight, pregnancy, or breastfeeding can all negatively affect the appearance of your breasts and prompt a revision. You may also be unhappy with the results of your earlier surgery due to poor implant placement, nipple-areola mismatch, or sagging of the breasts known as ptosis.   The end goal is to improve your self-image and self-confidence and Dr. Steele can revise a procedure that was even performed by another surgeon.

Please consult with us for more information on whether breast revision surgery is right for you. If you had a problem with either your initial surgery or a previous revision, or if your last surgeon did not diagnose an issue with your implant correctly, you may be a candidate for breast revision surgery in Parker County.

Breast Implant Revision Procedure

Dr. Steele will customize your breast revision to meet your desired goals. We will perform your procedure at our accredited outpatient surgery center and the actual procedure will depend on the reason for your revision. In most cases, we will remove and replace your implants. Your breast revision is unique and tailored to your specific needs, ensuring the most desirable results.

Following surgery, we will apply bandages to your incisions and insert a small tube to drain fluid. We will supply specific post-operative instructions, including what to look out for and when to return for a follow-up visit.

While recovery time varies, you should be able to resume regular activities in one to two weeks. It may take a few months for residual swelling to subside before you see the results, but you can expect softer and more natural breasts after your recovery. You should support a healthy lifestyle and keep a consistent weight to preserve your results, as weight fluctuations can alter the appearance of your breasts.

Consult With Dr. Steele to Discuss Breast Revision Surgery in Parker County

Breast revision surgery in Parker County can give you years of improved confidence by replacing or adjusting implants that have shifted, degraded, or are causing pain. During your initial consultation with Dr. Steele, you will discuss your surgical goals, previous medical conditions or surgeries, current medications, and preferred treatment options. Our team will also review the risks, potential complications, and expected results. Contact our office to schedule a breast revision consultation today.