Back Lift in Fort Worth

Losing a considerable amount of weight is an impressive accomplishment, but it could result in noticeable changes in skin laxity. For example, individuals may develop loose, sagging skin on the back after significant weight loss. Fortunately, an impactful body contouring solution called a back lift could help slim the region.

The operation creates a smoother, and firmer looking back by reducing excess body fat and skin rolls from weight loss. Recovery takes around six weeks, but once a patient fully heals, they should notice confidence-boosting results and a noticeably more toned appearance. If you are considering receiving a back lift in Fort Worth, you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Steele to assess your cosmetic needs and goals.

How Do Plastic Surgeons Perform an Upper Back Lift?

Dr. Steele offers bra-line back lifts that involve removing sagging skin from the midback, waist areas, and upper back. During the procedure, a transverse incision made along the bra line allows Dr. Steele to extract loose skin from the upper back. Afterward, he will stretch, reposition, and tighten the remaining skin along the incision line. In most cases liposuction will be used in combination for optimal fat removal and contour.

After this operation, patients typically have a scar that will be hidden along the braline. If a patient has any further questions about the details of the upper back lift procedure, a knowledgeable cosmetic plastic surgeon in Fort Worth like Dr. Steele can address concerns.

Healing and Side Effects after Back Tightening

The minor side effects associated with any cosmetic surgery include infections, bleeding, scarring, pain, numbness, and bruising. However, these reactions typically subside within a few weeks.

When it comes to recuperating from an upper back lift procedure, the window is around six weeks. A patient’s unique health factors could shorten or lengthen this period. Numbness is typical and may take up to a year to resolve. Persistent swelling might also impact the region for up to six months after the operation, but the patient is usually the only one who notices this.

While recovering from an upper back tightening surgery, patients should wear compression garments and avoid activities that could pull on the skin. For women, it is essential to avoid wearing regular bras in the first few weeks following the treatment.

A compassionate team member in Fort Worth can work to minimize discomfort after a back lift surgery and help patients navigate the recovery period.

Consult Dr. Steele about Back Lifts in Fort Worth

Many people struggle with sagging skin on all areas of their back, especially after successful weight loss. Fortunately, a back lift in Fort Worth could remove excess skin to tighten a patient’s figure and produce a slimmer, more toned physique. Although there are minor side effects and some required recovery time, undergoing this procedure could improve your overall confidence in your appearance. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.