Capsular Contracture Treatment in Fort Worth

Undergoing breast surgery is an important decision that could help restore your confidence. However, patients should always carefully consider the possible risks of the operation. For example, it is vital to remember that scar tissue develops in the area surrounding a breast implant. In some cases, this tissue could change atypically and alter the breast’s appearance. This hardening is known as capsular contracture.

Fortunately, there are capsular contracture treatments available in Fort Worth that can relieve symptoms and restore the appearance of one’s breasts. An experienced breast revision surgeon like Dr. Steele can provide valuable assistance if you are suffering from capsular contracture.

What is Capsular Contracture?

Capsular contracture occurs when the normal scar tissue that forms around a breast a breast implant tightens. This can result in a firmer feel to the implant, implant migration superiorly, a change in the shape of the breast, or breast pain.

There are several degrees of capsular contracture, including:

  • Grade one: occurs when normal scar tissue (the capsule) forms around the implant. The chest remains soft and natural-looking
  • Grade two: happens when the breast feels firmer, but shape remains unaffected
  • Grade three: results in hardened tissue and noticeable changes to the shape of the breast and/or position of the implant
  • Grade four: includes the changes noted in a Grade three contracture with the addition of pain

The variance associated with this condition can be confusing, but Dr. Steele can help a patient in Fort Worth begin treatment by determining which degree of capsular contracture affects them.

How Could Dr. Steele Treat Capsular Contraction?


Partial Capsulectomy

One common surgical method for correcting for capsular contraction is a partial capsulectomy, which cuts open the scar capsules around the breast implants. During the procedure, Dr. Steele will remove portions of the scar tissue capsules to create more room within the breasts and relieve discomfort. This is combined with an implant exchange if the patient wishes to maintain breast implants.

Total or Near-Total Capsulectomy

The goal of a total capsulectomy is to remove as much of the scar capsule as possible, usually with the implant inside. A typical indication for this procedure would be a contracture associated with a ruptured implant. If the patient desires new implants, Dr. Steele will place new implants. In some cases, there may be an indication to utilize textured implants which are associated with a lower contracture rate.  However, the decision to use a textured device has to be balanced against the risk of the extremely rare Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). Additionally, Dr. Steele may recommend a site change from under the muscle to over the muscle or vice versa. In some cases, Dr. Steele will recommend the use of an acellular dermal matrix which has been shown to decrease the recurrence rate of capsule contracture.

En Bloc Capsulectomy

An en bloc capsulectomy refers to a cancer operation for patients who have BIA-ALCL. This is a more radical operation that removes some breast tissue around the capsule in addition to the breast capsule and the implant. This operation should be reserved for patients with diagnosed BIA-ALCL as the risks of surrounding damage such as a punctured lung are much higher.

Implant Removal with or without Autologous Breast Reconstruction

Finally, removal of the implants without replacement may be an option for those women who do not wish to have the risk of further capsular contracture. This operation may be combined with a breast lift to improve the shape and position of the breast tissue. In some cases, fat grafting may be performed simultaneously to help modestly improve the size of the remaining breast.

A compassionate plastic surgeon in Fort Worth like Dr. Steele can determine which capsular contracture treatment is best for a patient’s unique situation

Call Dr. Steele about Capsular Contracture Treatment in Fort Worth

Developing scar tissue after surgery using implants is common and usually does not result in problems. However, sometimes hardened pockets of scar tissue can form around a breast implant and cause pain or cosmetic changes. Fortunately, capsular contracture treatment in Fort Worth could help reverse the effects of this condition. Our office offers several corrective procedures for restoring the shape, health, and appearance of the breast.

If you think you may have developed symptoms associated with capsular contracture, you should consult Dr. Steele. Acting proactively could help minimize the consequences of this condition, so contact our office today to schedule your initial appointment.