Otoplasty in Fort Worth

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your ears, you are not alone. For many, a common concern is  the prominent ear which protrudes excessively from the head, and disrupts the symmetry and balance of your face. For people in Fort Worth struggling with self-confidence because of their ears, an otoplasty may be a great option.

This procedure reduces prominent ears by removing excess cartilage and suturing the cartilage together through a small incision on the back of the ear. The treatment provides long-term results that help you look and feel your best. If you are significantly concerned by your ears’ projection from the side of the head, set up a consultation with Dr. Matthew H. Steele to learn more about otoplasty in Fort Worth. We are happy to meet with you at our office and help you understand whether this procedure is right for you.

Am I a Good Candidate for Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is common in both children and adults. The surgery must be done after a patient’s cartilage has fully developed, so the earliest age that one could undergo this procedure is around age eight.

While many people use this surgery to address prominent ears, some undergo the operation to correct pronounced asymmetry between the ears. By pinning the ears back, asymmetry becomes less apparent to others. The insecurity that comes along with having noticeable ears can be difficult for many to handle, which is why otoplasty is a wonderful option for those struggling to feel comfortable in their skin.

Recovery After Otoplasty

Recovery after otoplasty is usually a few weeks with restrictions on cardiac and lifting activity. There is usually a dressing covering the ears for the first week and a protective cup over the ears while sleeping for the first month. It is normal to experience mild itching, swelling, and numbness around the incisions after surgery.

Discuss Otoplasty with a Skilled Fort Worth Surgeon Plastic Surgeon

Many individuals consider their ears to be too prominent in comparison to other facial features. This may result in reduced self-esteem or increased anxiety in social situations. Instead of being embarrassed by your ears’ appearance, consider the permanent physical and long-lasting emotional benefits of otoplasty in Fort Worth.

If you want to feel more confident in your appearance by minimizing your ears’ projection, contact our office today.