Thigh Lift in Parker County

A thigh lift is a surgical body contouring procedure also called a thighplasty. It improves the shape and the contours of your thighs. When you are plagued by excess skin on your thighs or excess fat that is resistant to diet and exercise, a thigh lift in Parker County performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Steele can help create a sexier silhouette.

Why You Might Consider Thigh Lift Surgery

Significant weight loss can lead to loss of skin elasticity and excess skin. For example, after significant weight loss following pregnancy, a new dietary program, or weight loss surgery, your inner or outer thighs can have excess sagging skin.

Your skin loses tone and elasticity as you age, which a thigh lift may help correct. Using state-of-the-art techniques, Dr. Steele offers the best approach to improve the appearance of your inner and outer thighs, helping you achieve a well-proportioned overall body image.

Following surgery, you will have tighter skin and a more youthful appearance. A thigh lift can be combined with liposuction to remove excess fatty deposits and improve your body contour, but neither a thigh lift nor liposuction is a weight loss strategy. A thigh lift in Parker County can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and improve the proportion between your upper and lower body. All told it helps improve your self-confidence and reveals a more youthful appearance.

Different thigh lift surgeries use different types of incisions. You and Dr. Steele will work together and choose the best one to address your cosmetic concerns. An inner thigh lift addresses sagging skin on your inner thigh, and a mini thigh lift requires fewer incisions and has a shorter recovery time.

An outer thigh lift uses an incision that starts in the groin and extends to your hip and lower back area, and a vertical thigh lift helps remove excess skin. Since it is more extensive and has a higher risk for complications, Dr. Steele may only recommend this type of thigh lift in extreme cases of excess skin following massive weight loss.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Thigh Lift?

The ideal candidates for a thigh lift are people in good health, without serious pre-existing medical conditions or active disease, and within 25 pounds of their body weight goal before considering surgery.

The best candidates have a loss of elasticity and excess skin in the thigh or hip area, which means your thigh appearance should improve dramatically as you pull up on lax thigh skin.

Ideal candidates will also be non-smokers and commit to not smoking for at least four weeks before and after surgery. Tobacco increases the risk of infection and post-operative complications as well as slowing healing.

What to Expect During Recovery

During your consultation, Dr. Steele will discuss the procedure with the highest potential of addressing your cosmetic concerns and may recommend other procedures that can be done simultaneously, such as liposuction or a buttock lift.

After surgery, most patients wear a compression garment that helps decrease swelling and bruising. Before discharge from our accredited outpatient surgery center, you will receive post-operative instructions customized to your needs and your procedure with information about pain control, exercise, activity, and recovery time.

Thigh lifts are a major procedure. After surgery, you will need to take time off work, but how much time you need depends on the extent of the surgery. Typically, people in Parker County see the results of thigh lift surgery as the swelling and bruising recede.

You should refrain from any strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for at least 6 weeks and elevate your legs as much as possible during this time. Limited physical activity, smoking, or consuming a diet high in processed food increases your risk of infection or other complications.

Call Today to Schedule Your Consultation for a Thigh Lift in Parker County

After a thigh lift from Dr. Steele, you will have more self-confidence and look better in your clothes and bathing suit. Call today to schedule your consultation and discover how a thigh lift in Parker County can meet your aesthetic goals.