Breast Reconstruction in Parker County

When you have breast cancer, surgery will likely be a necessary treatment option, usually a lumpectomy (breast-conserving surgery) or a mastectomy. Following the removal of the cancer, breast reconstruction can help restore the appearance of your breasts to their pre-surgery state. You may have the option of getting this reconstructive procedure simultaneously with your mastectomy/lumpectomy, or you could wait until sometime after.

Reconstructive surgery can rebuild your breasts using an implant or your own tissues to restore the size and form of one or both breasts. Any kind of breast procedure can improve your body image and self-esteem, and restore a sense of femininity and wholeness. Contact our office for a personalized evaluation and consultation if you are considering breast reconstruction in Parker County.

Breast Implant Reconstruction Surgery

Breast implants are commonly used for reconstruction surgery. These are round or teardrop-shaped shells implanted either behind or in front of the pectoral muscle, the group of muscles located on the front of the chest that connects your arms to your chest wall.

Implants placed on the front of the muscle must be held in place using special tissue called acellular dermal matrix that your body gradually replaces over time with collagen. Breast implants positioned under the pectoral muscle are held in place by the muscle.

While some women can have a permanent implant placed at the time the breast is removed, others need a two-stage process, which includes a tissue expander. Tissue expansion is required to stretch the chest wall skin and soft tissue to make room for the breast implant. Women who later choose to have breast reconstruction may still require tissue expansion.

The process of breast reconstruction in Parker County involves a balloon-like implant placed where the surgeon anticipates anchoring the breast implant, either under or over the pectoral muscle. Over several weeks, the tissue expansion device is enlarged to fill it in stages. This gradually allows the skin to stretch and reduces the discomfort or pressure at the time the implant is placed.

Available Breast Implants for Reconstruction

Several types of breast implants can be used to rebuild the breast. Most in the U.S. are made from a cohesive silicone gel with a flexible silicone outer shell that offers a more natural feel. Even if the shell is accidentally broken, the breast implant remains in place and shape.

Recovery After Breast Reconstruction Surgery

We will perform your procedure at our accredited outpatient surgery center. Recovery time varies, but you will have restrictions for at least 6 weeks. We aim for you to feel fully satisfied with the results of your surgery, and your results should be long lasting. Should you want further changes to your breasts, or if your results evolve over time, breast revision surgery remains a possibility.

Ask a Doctor in Parker County About Breast Reconstruction

It is common to feel that some part of you is missing after a mastectomy. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Steele is here to help. He will evaluate your health, discuss risk factors, perform a breast examination, and provide some options. Our practice prioritizes your personalized care and offers a range of breast reconstruction options. A post-mastectomy breast reconstruction in Parker County can give you years of improved self-confidence, so call us to schedule a private and personalized consultation today.