Brow Lift in Parker County

Are you self-conscious about your sagging eyebrows, droopy eyes, or wrinkled forehead? When you relax your forehead, are the wrinkles still there? Perhaps your eyebrows are uneven, and the asymmetry affects the rest of your facial features. Unfortunately, expensive makeup, anti-aging creams, and collagen supplements can only do so much.

If you struggle with your self-esteem because you are uncomfortable with your eyebrows and forehead, consider a brow lift in Parker County. The procedure restores your youthful appearance, unleashing your inner confidence. Our highly skilled plastic surgeon is familiar with various brow lift techniques. Dr. Steele will help you determine the technique that best suits your needs.

What Is a Brow Lift, and Do I Need One?

A brow lift—or a forehead lift or browplasty—is a surgical procedure that lifts and elevates your eyebrows and  forehead. Brow lifts are usually performed to address sagging eyebrows, deep wrinkles on your forehead, and frown lines between your eyebrows. A browlift can create a more youthful appearance by elevating your eyebrows and smoothing your forehead. A good candidate for the procedure has low, sagging, or uneven brows.

Your brows can sag and lose elasticity due to age, genetics, and sun damage. However, a surgical lift can provide a refreshed appearance. Your Parker County brow lift can be performed as a single procedure or with another surgery, such as a facelift or blepharoplasty.

Brow Lift Techniques

Techniques that Dr. Steele might use for your eyebrow lift include:

  • Direct brow lifts remove the skin above the eyebrows and work well if you have bushy eyebrows or existing deep transverse forehead wrinkles
  • Temporal brow lift elevates the brow through small incisions in the hair near the temple
  • Coronal brow lifts create an incision behind the hairline across the top of the head, and the forehead is lifted into a new position.
  • Hairline brow lifts utilize and incision just along the hairline

The type of procedure you choose will depend on your condition, your physiology, and your desired outcome. Dr. Steele will help you decide what type of brow lift in Parker County suits you.

Ask a Parker County Plastic Surgeon About a Brow Lift Today

Loss of elasticity due to aging can cause sagging brows and wrinkles on your forehead, making you look old and tired. However, you can restore your brow to a more youthful appearance to help reverse these changes. Dr. Steele is highly trained and could help determine if a brow lift in Parker County is right for you.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with our talented plastic surgeon, please contact our office today and discover how a brow lift can help you achieve your cosmetic goals.