Facelift in Parker County

A facelift can revitalize your youthfulness and rejuvenate your appearance like no other facial surgery procedure. Our facelift helps reverse signs of visible aging, such as skin sagging and droopiness, fine lines, wrinkles, and folds helping you shed years off your face.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew H. Steele will work with you to achieve your aesthetic goals safely and effectively. For more information about obtaining a facelift in Parker County, schedule your consultation today.

What Can a Facelift Do for You?

The facelift is an all-in-one, comprehensive procedure that lifts, firms, and smooths the entire facial area to:

  • Lift and firm sagging skin
  • Refine your facial contours
  • Improve the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and folds
  • Refresh, revitalize, and rejuvenate your entire facial area

While facelift has a longer recovery time than non-surgical procedures, it also offers long-term results.

The Facelift Procedure: What To Expect

The facelift procedure will be performed at an accredited outpatient surgery center by Dr. Steele. This procedure will take about 6 hours and will be performed under general anesthesia for your comfort.

The exact surgical approach will depend on your individual needs, but it will generally involve strategically placed incisions that extend in front of and behind the ear and up into or in front of the hairline. Through these incisions, the skin is elevated from the deeper tissues. The deeper tissues will then be tightened with sutures, and the excess skin will be removed and tightened.

Downtime and Recovery

Most patients will require a full recovery time of four to six weeks, though your individual results may vary according to your age, health, and personal needs. To recover optimally from this procedure, you will need to schedule at least two to three weeks of rest. At the direction of our clinical team, this may involve:

  • Abstaining from work and your social life
  • Getting help around the house with childcare and pet care
  • Avoiding strenuous physical activity such as working out or going to the gym

In addition to these tips, our medical team will provide you with personalized instructions on what activities are suitable or unsuitable during this period and how to best take care of yourself, with tips for diet, exercise, medication (if necessary) and post-surgical care.

After your recovery period, you will be allowed to return to work and engage in light activities until you are fully recovered.

Combining Your Facelift With Other Procedures

One of the most obvious signs of plastic surgery, and the look of “having had work done,” is when your face has been beautifully restored with youthfulness, but the rest of your body reveals your true age.

We recommend combining your facelift in Parker County with a neck lift to avoid this and keep your results as uniformly natural as possible,. Obtaining these procedures simultaneously will help you:

  • Achieve faster results
  • Lower your risk of complications
  • Lower your overall recovery time

If this is an option you wish to explore further or pursue, you can discuss it more with Dr. Steele during your initial consultation.

Reverse the Signs of Aging With a Facelift in Parker County

We are committed to helping you reverse the signs of aging and enhance your unique facial features to help you look your best with our facelift procedure.

Schedule your consultation for your facelift in Parker County with Dr. Steele today.