Augmentation for Breast Asymmetry in Fort Worth

Breast unevenness affects many women, but some might not notice it. If you experience asymmetrical breasts and are unhappy with your physical appearance, there is a surgical solution. Asymmetrical breast augmentation corrects the breasts’ appearance by inserting different-sized implants to improve symmetry.

Though downtime and recovery takes several weeks, many women feel significantly more comfortable with their bodies after augmentation for breast asymmetry in Fort Worth.

Causes of Breast Asymmetry

Breasts become asymmetric when there are differences in shape, position, nipple placement, or volume between the two breasts.  This is a very common problem that Dr. Steele sees in over 50% of his breast augmentation patients. Possible causes of breast changes that cause asymmetry include congenital anatomy, puberty, and hormonal developments.

Additionally, trauma or physical harm to the breast tissue could result in uneven appearances. Meanwhile, some women may develop a rare condition known as juvenile hypertrophy, which results in one breast growing faster and larger than the other. An experienced plastic surgeon in Fort Worth like Dr. Steele understands the common causes of breast asymmetry will help identify the cause of the asymmetry and identify a treatment plan specific to you.

What Augmentation Methods Correct Breast Asymmetry?

Treatment for correcting asymmetry uses silicone implants to produce similar-sized breasts. In most cases, a patient’s implants will be different volumes to compensate for the unique shape and size of each breast.

During an asymmetrical breast augmentation procedure, the patient undergoes general anesthesia before the surgeon makes an incision in the breast fold.  If a breast lift (mastopexy) is needed, other incisions are made around the areola and vertically on the breast to lift and reshape the breast as well. The implants are then typically placed under the pectoral muscle, but there are some occasions where the implant may be placed on top of the muscle.

Recovery and Side Effects After Asymmetrical Breast Revision

Immediately after uneven breast correction surgery, minor side effects include swelling, bruising, and chest tightness. These side effects resolve in the first 1-2 weeks; however, swelling may take up to 3 months to subside. Gradual activity can be resumed over 3-6 weeks, and Dr. Steele will provide specific instructions for recovering from an asymmetrical breast augmentation procedure.

Speak with Dr. Steele about Asymmetrical Breast Augmentation in Fort Worth

Though many women have uneven breasts, those with significant degrees of asymmetry will benefit from seeking surgical intervention. Augmentation for breast asymmetry in Fort Worth is an excellent option for reducing size and shape disparity.

Though you will likely experience minor side effects during your recovery period, the procedure is worth considering because it could help you feel significantly more confident about your breasts and body. Call today to schedule a consultation.