Choosing the Right Breast Implant in Fort Worth

Breast augmentation is one of the most routine cosmetic procedures for enhancing chest size and appearance, along improved self-image and confidence. Though most women undergo breast augmentation to increase their breast size, several other physical characteristics must also be considered prior to the procedure. For instance, breast implants vary in material, size, shape, width, and projection, all of which will influence your result.

Since breast augmentation surgery aims to balance your overall proportions, your native breast volume and other physical characteristics will determine the best implant for you. Get in touch with our office to schedule a consultation to discuss your cosmetic goals.

Breast Implant Fill Material: Saline or Silicone

One of the first decisions breast augmentation patients in Fort Worth must make when choosing the right breast implant for their procedure is implant fill material. Both saline and silicone implants are safe for augmentation surgery but have differences in look and feel.

Silicone gel-filled implants are constructed of a silicone shell with a cohesive silicone gel fill that is very similar in feel to natural breast tissue. Silicone gel implants tend to result in a more natural look and feel.  Due to the thicker implant material, silicone implants are less likely to produce skin rippling and wrinkling. One drawback of a silicone gel-filled implant is that an implant rupture is harder to identify compared to a saline-filled implant.

Compared to silicone implants, saline implants are much firmer to the touch, have a much higher rupture rate, and tend to have more visible rippling and wrinkling. One advantage of a saline implant is the ability to add more volume to the implant during surgery. Other options include slightly lower cost and the increased ability to detect a rupture.

Additional Factors to Consider When Choosing a Breast Implant Size

Another big consideration for patients considering breast augmentation is implant volume and projection. Due to concerns regarding implant texture and the possibility of Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, Dr. Steele only uses smooth, round implants.

Dr. Steele will take various measurements of your chest and breast to help pick the appropriate base diameter of your implant. Depending on the desired implant volume for your goals, this base width measurement will factor heavily on the ultimate projection of your chosen implant.

Size is always an important concern when picking an implant. Breast implants are not manufactured to a specific cup size. Instead, breast implants are manufactured with a specific width, projection, and volume (measured in cubic centimeters, or cc). Dr. Steele uses the Crisalix 3D Virtual Reality system (hyperlink to Crisalix page) to scan a patient’s breasts and then simulate an augmentation with various sized implants, so that the patient can see their result beforehand. This allows for a better-informed choice regarding breast implant size.

Get in Touch for Professional Help When Choosing the Best Breast Implant in Fort Worth

Since the cosmetic enhancements of breast augmentation surgery go beyond increasing your breast size, there are other factors to consider prior to the operation. For instance, many patients also want to improve breast projection and shape, which can be accomplished by picking a specific implant.

The best breast implant for your operation will enhance your breasts, overall figure, and self-confidence after surgery. For professional expertise and guidance when choosing the right breast implant in Fort Worth, call our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Steele.