Breast Augmentation Scar Management in Fort Worth

The enhancements from breast augmentation surgery include both physical and emotional benefits that result in improved patient self-confidence and quality of life.   However, some patients are wary of the resultant scar that will take at least one year to fully mature. Many patients want to ensure their incisions heal properly during the recovery period to minimize visible scars as much as possible.

If you share this concern, there are several at-home and professional methods for breast augmentation scar management in Fort Worth that you may want to consider. Professional techniques for minimizing augmentation scars are non-invasive, so you do not have to worry about serious risks or recovery time. Schedule a consultation with our staff to learn more about the various ways to improve your scars further.

What You Could Do at Home for Breast Augmentation Scar Management

Immediately after breast augmentation surgery in Fort Worth, the best scar management method is to ensure proper wound healing at the incision sites by following post-operative care instructions provided by your surgeon. When incisions heal correctly, they are less likely to be visible afterward and typically fade quicker. After one week of recovery from breast augmentation surgery, patients may start to massage scars with gradually increasing pressure to promote healthy scar maturation.

This scar management technique helps the forming collagen align properly for  a less noticeable appearance.  Patients may improve the results by combining scar massage with silicone gel or silicone strips.  Dr. Steele recommends Biocorneum silicone gel because of its great results and ease of use.  Breast augmentation scars that undergo consistent massaging during recovery become flatter and lighter than untreated surgical scars.

Additional at-home techniques for breast augmentation scar management include reducing sun exposure and refraining from nicotine use. Further, patients who follow a balanced, healthy diet and regular exercise typically have better incision healing and, thus, less visible scarring.

Professional and Cosmetic Treatments to Manage Breast Augmentation Scars

In addition to the various methods used at home to minimize scarring, many patients turn to professional treatments to manage breast augmentation scars in Fort Worth. Popular scar management methods include microneedling and microdermabrasion, which stimulate new, healthy collagen production. Laser treatments can also help with scar redness or thickness.  For patients with early hypertrophic or keloid scarring, steroid injections may be an option.

The best time for professional scar management treatments depends on the appearance.  Laser therapy and steroid injections work best within a few months of surgery.  If the ultimate scar is not to the patient’s satisfaction after 8-12 months, a surgical scar revision may be necessary.

Reach Out for More Information on Recommended Breast Augmentation Scar Management Methods in Fort Worth

Breast augmentation patients consistently report better a body image and self-confidence after surgery due to the long-lasting and substantial cosmetic enhancements. Though visible scarring is unavoidable with most cosmetic procedures, you can minimize scarring with breast augmentation scar management in Fort Worth. Management methods range from topical ointments to cosmetic procedures that stimulate healthy collagen growth.

Contact our office to set up an appointment to discuss your options for home and professional breast augmentation scar management with our knowledgeable staff.