Tubular Breast Surgery in Fort Worth

On rare occasions, some women develop a connective tissue malformation early in their lives that results in tubular breasts. This condition only affects the breasts cosmetically, resulting in abnormal shape and nipple appearance. Unfortunately, most women with tubular breasts do not become aware of their condition until puberty, when their chest begins to develop. Although tubular breasts are not painful or harmful, many women dislike how this condition alters their appearance and affects their confidence.

If you notice these developments on your body, tubular breast surgery in Fort Worth could be a great option for correcting abnormal growth. Dr. Steele, who has experience with breast augmentation, can assess your situation, outline your options, and use either implants or tissue expanders to reverse the condition.

How do Tubular Breasts Differ from Typical Chest Development?

Breast tissue could develop abnormally during puberty by failing to produce new cells, resulting in a tubular shape. Tubular breasts generally appear pointed, square, or oval-shaped, and are often asymmetric in shape and size. Additionally, the areolas may seem enlarged, constricted, or collapsed due to a lack of supporting tissue. In some cases, the condition might even raise breast folds atypically, constrict the lower breast tissue, or affect only one breast.

Although this condition does not pose any health risks, its visible impact ranges from mild to severe and surgical correction is the only way to reverse this abnormal development.

Types of Abnormal Breast Development

Tubular breasts generally fall within one of three categories based on the extent of the tissue constriction in the lower chest area. Type I refers to minor tightening, sagging, and areola enlargement without missing tissue. Type II classification includes similar breast and nipple changes with more tissue constriction, nipple herniation, and a lack of tissue in the lower chest.

Finally, Type III tubular breasts occur when a woman has severe tissue contraction, an extreme lack of breast tissue, and severe nipple irregularities. In these more serious cases, tubular breasts may elevate to the point of eliminating the lower fold.

A knowledgeable cosmetic plastic surgeon in Fort Worth could determine which category of tubular breasts a prospective patient suffers from and help them consider surgery accordingly.

Surgical Options for Tubular Breasts

The process of correcting tubular breasts is can be difficult, but most patients will feel more confident in their appearance after their operation. However, sometimes a woman might require a two-stage procedure for optimal results.

If a patient only needs one procedure, a diligent surgeon may release constricted breast tissue using a breast implant, sometimes in combination with a breast lift.  In a two-stage procedure, Dr. Steele will place a tissue expander at the first operation to allow postoperative skin stretching. Recovering after this operation typically takes one week with activity restrictions for 6-8 weeks.

If a woman needs a second surgery to fully correct her tubular breasts, a plastic surgeon will perform a secondary operation to remove the tissue expander and place the permanent implants. During this additional procedure, many women may choose to make further changes to their nipples and areolas.

After a second surgery, swelling, pain, and puffiness usually subside within two to four weeks. While recovering, returning to low-impact daily activities is safe. However, it is essential to avoid cardiovascular exercise for 3 weeks after a tubular breast procedure. Additionally, patients should always follow post-operative instructions carefully.

Consult Dr. Steele about Tubular Breast Surgery in Fort Worth

Though this condition does not cause pain, it significantly impacts the breast appearance. Therefore, many women seek modifications to rejuvenate their appearance and boost their confidence. Tubular breast surgery in Fort Worth is an excellent option for achieving a more natural chest size and shape.

If you experience tubular breasts and want to learn more about how to alter them, a seasoned plastic surgeon like Dr. Steele can help you understand the available procedures. Call the office today to get started on obtaining the body you feel most confident in.